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The Studiomaster Professional XPA 40 is a high power amplifier with a Thermal Management System (TMS) - our innovative temperature-controlled gain variation technology integrated into the circuitry.

More Information

•  Professional-grade high-power stereo amplifier.

•  Built-in crossover and bass boost switch.

•  High-quality balanced XLR and ¼” stereo jack input connectors.

•  3 switchable operational modes: stereo, mono, and bridge.

•  High-current toroidal transformers with high-endurance cores for greater transient response and low-noise even at 2Ω.

•  Sensitivity (0.775V or 1.2V) selection switch allows flexibility in connection of input sources.

•  The Limiter switch provided protects the speakers from damage due to distorted input signals.

•  Responsive rotary volume control knobs.

•  Low THD and high damping factor for excellent sound quality.

•  High-quality glass epoxy, double-sided PTH PCBs, and high-grade components ensure reliability even in tough ambient environs.

•  Intelligent cooling using low-noise variable speed fans and direct-mounted over-designed heatsinks.

Technical Specification


2 Ω (True RMS),20Hz-20kHz,1% THD

2 x 2000 W

2 Ω (EIA), 1kHz , 1%THD

2 x 3000 W

4 Ω (True RMS),20Hz-20kHz,1% THD

2 x 1400 W

4 Ω (EIA), 1kHz , 1%THD

2 x 2100 W

8 Ω (True RMS),20Hz-20kHz,1% THD

2 x 850 W

8 Ω (EIA), 1kHz , 1%THD

2 x 1200 W

BRIDGED MODE4 Ω (True RMS), 20Hz-20kHz, 1% THD

4000 W

8 Ω (True RMS), 20Hz-20kHz, 1% THD

2800 W

Damping factor (8 Ω)


Frequency Range

20Hz-20kHz (± 0.5dB)


Temperature, DC, RFI, short circuit, soft-start, overload

Input Connector (Per Channel)

XLR, jack stereo 6.3mm

Output Connector (Per Channel)

Speakon and Binding Post

Dimensions (W x D x H) mm

484 x 575 x 133 (3U)

Net Weight (Kg)


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