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It seems like there’s never as much time as you’d like to do sound check. That’s why UA844+SWB Antenna Distribution System lets you stretch the power of your antenna pairs, giving you more on-air channels in less setup time. So you can set it, forget it, and have more flexibility to make sure it all sounds perfect.

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Shure UA844+SWB/LC Antenna/Power Distribution System Features at a Glance:

  • 5-way active antenna splitter and power distribution system
  • Expands your wireless system by splitting 1 pair of antennas to 5 receivers
  • Amplifies the antennas' RF signals to compensate for any loss incurred by splitting the signal
  • Up to 5 UA844+SWB/LC systems can be used in a 2-tiered configuration
  • Compatible with Shure QLX-D, ULX, ULX-D, SLX, and BLX (BLX4R only) receivers

Technical Specification

Tech Specs
  • Type:Acitve Antenna Splitter & Power Distribution System
  • Compatibility:Shure QLX-D, ULX, ULX-D, SLX, BLX receivers
  • Connectivity:2 x BNC (antenna in), 8 x BNC (RF out), 2 x BNC (cascade), 4 x BNC (power out)
  • Dimensions:1.77" x 19.01" x 6.77"
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