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A Complete Drum-miking Solution!

Miking up a drum set can be a daunting task, but Shure makes it easy with the PGA Drum Kit 7. The Shure PGA52 handles the low-frequency sound of your kick drum like a champ. Tackle your toms and other high-impact sources with the Shure PGA56. The Shure PGA57 easily captures the loud, harmonically sound of your snare drum. With a pair of Shure PGA81s as overheads, you'll create a realistic 3-dimensional sonic picture of your drum kit. Complete with mic clips and drum mounts, cables, and a carrying case, the Shure PGA Drum Kit 7 is a great set of drum mics!

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Shure PGA Drum Kit 7 Features:

  • 7-piece mic package with Shure PGA52, 3 x Shure PGA56s, Shure PGA57, 2 x PGA81, 3 x clips, 3 x mounts, 7 x cables, and case
  • Shure PGA52 is ideal for kick drum, bass amps, and other bass heavy sources
  • Shure PGA56s capture toms and other drums spectacularly
  • Shure PGA57 works great for harmonically rich, high SPL sound sources
  • Shure PGA81s are solid mics for drum overheads
  • Shure A25D mic clips and AP56DM drum mounts feature break-resistant plastic construction
  • Enough XLR cables to connect the microphones
  • Case included

Technical Specification

Tech Specs
  • Number of Microphones:7
  • Included Models:1 x PGA52, 1 x PGA 57, 2 x PGA81, 3 x PGA56
  • Microphone Type:Dynamic (PGA52, PGA56, PGA57), Condenser (PGA81)
  • Polar Pattern:Cardioid
  • Max SPL:129.5dB SPL (PGA81)
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