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QSC RMX 1450

QSC RMX 1450

You can count on the QSC RMX1450a when you need a reliable, tour-quality power amplifier. The sound is clear and powerful, with flexible options to help you fine-tune your sound system. The RMX1450a lets you choose between 30Hz and 50Hz low-cut filters to optimize your sound, plus a defeatable clipping limiter to protect your speakers against signal spikes. And with both XLR and 1/4" balanced inputs, this power amp is ready to integrate into virtually any sound system. 

More Information

- Compact size — up to 2500 watts in two rack spaces, or 5000 watts in three rack spaces

- High-current toroidal transformers, for greater 2-ohm power and low noise

- Independent user-defeatable clip limiters reduce distortion

- Selectable low-frequency filters (30 Hz or 50 Hz) protect speakers and increase headroom

- The 4000-watt RMX4050a operates on a standard 15 amp plug (120V)

- Both the RMX4050a and the RMX5050a feature a dual mono, high-current power supply for increased reliability and performance

- The RMX4050a's particularly exceptional combination of cooling capacity and electrical efficiency provides robust thermal performance suitable for high continuous power in 2-ohm stereo or 4-ohm bridged applications.

- Balanced 1/4-inch(6.3 mm) TRS, XLR, and barrier strip inputs

- Touch-proof binding post and Neutrik Speakon® outputsFront mounted gain controls for easy access

- Signal and clip LED indicators for monitoring performance

- Independent DC and thermal overload protection on each channel automatically protects amplifier and speakers

Technical Specification

Number of Channels:2

Power Class:Class AB

Watts/Side @ 8 ohms:260W

Watts/Side @ 4 ohms:400W

Watts/Side @ 2 ohms:700W

Watts Bridged:1400W @ 4 ohms

Inputs:2 x XLR, 2 x TRS

Outputs:2 x speakON, 2 x Binding Posts

Cooling System:Continuously variable-speed fan, rear-to-front air flow


Rack Spaces:2U




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