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The pro audio market in India right now is bustling with the widest variety of brands, each of which are doing a fine job of delivering a wide range product that cater to the needs of every segment.
Indian market continues to choose ‘Digital technology, with the priority being ‘value for
This is where PowerX steps in.
Having consistently delivered high quality and high-performance pro audio products at prices that are extremely competitive and customer friendly, PowerX has proved to be the perfect solution for those Indian customers who rely on Latest technology.
And to ensure perfection in every aspect, PowerX subjects all their product lines to a series of uncompromised testing measures. PowerX drivers and components are tested involving
temperature and voltage parameters among many others, while PowerX amplifiers are
subjected to a series of tests run on ‘Precision Audio’ - one of the most advanced testing
parameters in the world.
The dedication shown by PowerX in going the extra mile to deliver high quality-high
performance pro audio products at friendly prices has been appreciated greatly by several
industry professionals.
And through the industry's constant support and encouragement, PowerX will continue to
grow and build its legacy of delivering the latest and most eficient high quality pro audio
products and technologies.

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Technical Specification

  • 5" 2-WAY SPEAKER BOX  
  • Woofer Magnet 10 Oz  
  • Paper Cone Rubber Edge 
  •  Voice Coil 25mm ASV.  
  • 13mm Dome Tweeter 
  •  Max. Recommended Amplifier Power 40W  
  • Metal Mounting Bracket Include  
  • Impedance 8 ohms  
  • 100 v with tapping 7.5w / 15w / 30w 
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