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P AUDIO GST 15-500

P AUDIO GST 15-500

The P.Audio GST15-500 is a 15 inch (381mm) diameter high performance low frequency woofer. The design utilizes a medium format 3 inch (76mm) nominal voice coil diameter with a very light weight aluminum coil configured in an inside/outside wind geometry. This light weight design, coupled with a low moving mass cone offers excellent transient response. The large format ferrite based magnet structure produces very high conversion efficiency. Inside/outside winding geometry assists in coil cooling and improves both transducer power handling and system reliability. The GST15-500 also features a very long air gap height that improves transducer linearity.

More Information

  • 3" Medium Format Voice Coil
  • 2000 Watts Peak Power Handling
  • Active Balanced Cooling
  • Integrated Demodulation Rings
  • Single Spider Design
  • Ferrite Magnetics
  • Aluminum wire Inside/Outside Design
  • Die Cast Aluminum Chassis

Technical Specification


 Nominal diameter   381 mm/15 in
  Power rating   500 W(AES)
  Nominal impedance   8Ω
  Sensitivity   96 dB
  Frequency range   40-2000 Hz
  Chassis type   Cast aluminum
  Magnet type   Ferrite
  Magnet weight   2.7 kg/96.6 oz
  Voice coil diameter   76 mm/3 in
  Coil material   Aluminum wire
  Former material   Glass fiber
  Cone material   Paper
  Surround material   Cloth
  Suspension   Single
  X-max   3.25 mm/0.13 in
  Gap depth   12 mm/0.47 in
  Voice coil winding width   18.5 mm/0.73 in
  Packing dimension WxDxH (mm)   415 x 415 x 230
  Net weight   10.1 kg/22.3 lb
  Shipping weight   11.6 kg/25.6 lb


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