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MT Series are the highest selling series of Amplifiers in its class in India, they offer a stupendous 99% reliability and the internal hardware is strong to handle the vagaries of transportation, it has heart throbbing bass when coupled with NX audio 18 bass drivers and has one of the highest quality to value for money ratio. 

More Information

  • MT Series uses capacitors Wima / Rubycon for beer imaging of and natural sound
  • MT Series uses BELDEN audio cable from USA
  • MT Series uses 2 oz thick pcb to handle powerful current and thereby ensuring greater reliability and safety
  • MT Series uses of 100V/15000uF big capacitors to ensure higher headroom
  • MT Series uses transformer with more headroom to ensure very high reliability. Even when the amplifier is under stress, very heavy load (for example, 2ohms) for long period of mes, the amp is sll very cool and you are aware heat is biggest killer for the amp.

Technical Specification

  • Stable performance / precise workmanship.
  • Low power consumption less than 0.1A when working without load & Zero noise.
  • High-efficient APS circuit for best power supply & Perfect limiter circuit protects your loudspeakers.
  • Built-in High Pass & Low Pass Crossover.
  • Specialized system protection circuit, comprehensive, safe, reliable & accurate such as Short circuit protect, Over load protect, DC protect, (inrush audio peak) Limiter Soft start, High Temp protect, HF protect, Back - EMF protect etc.
  • Stereo / Parallel / Bridge Modes
  • 3000 + 3000W RMS @ 2 Ohms
  • 2250 + 2250W RMS @ 4 Ohms
  • 1700 + 1700W RMS @ 8 Ohms
  • Throbbing Heavy Bass H CLASS Circuit
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