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The CS series microphone automatic mixers provide great convenience to sound reinforcement installation with any size and any combination. The outstanding performance enables effective managing of multi-microphone installations including corporate boardrooms, conference rooms, government builds, houses of worship, classrooms.

More Information

  • Daisy-chain with unlimited number of the mixer
  • Three operation modes: one-channel-at-a time, all active or override
  • Switchable inputs accept microphones or line level devices
  • Switchable output levels between mic. and line level
  • Individual gain control and phantom power for each channel
  • Last In stays on for continuous ambience sound
  • Control voltage provided to trigger external device such as speaker switching and camera switching

Technical Specification


Type XLR
Mic 4.7KΩ
Line 20KΩ
Type XLR
Mic 300Ω
Line 200Ω
MAX Output Level >17dB
MAX Gain >70dB
Frequency Respond 35~20,000 Hz
THD% <0.06%
Signal-to-noise radio >70 dB
Input Attenuation -50dB
Phantom Power +48V
Mic In Attenuation -10dB / -20dB
Mic Attenuation -10dB / -15dB / -20dB
Output Attenuation -50dB
Voltage Output +4VDC ±0.3V
Power Supply 18VDC, 1A
Power Consumption 13.5W
Fuse T0.5AE 250V  (Slow-Blow)
Weight 2.25 kg
Dimensions 420mm(W)*44mm(H)*198.5mm(D)


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