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JTS CM-602

JTS CM-602

General Description

The JTS CM-602 is a boundary microphone ideal for conferences and group discussions. The unit features a membrane On/Off switch, an internal shock mount to minimise table noise and a status LED indicator.

The CM-602 is designed for conference venues, meeting rooms and places of

More Information

The CM-602 is a simplified version of CM-601 with ON/OFF switch only.
* The CM-601 is designed for conference, house of worship, and theater applications.
* The CM-601 features red LED indicator, 3 step Low-Cut switch and back electric cardioid condenser capsule.
* The membrane ON/OFF switch can be programmed to PUSH ON/PUSH OFF,PUSH TO TALK and PUSH TO MUTE three modes.
* The precisely calculated circuit plus tailored capsule response ensure transparent sound quality.
* Internal shock mount minimizes mechanical noise.
* The CM-602 is a simplified version of CM-601 with ON/OFF switch only.

Technical Specification

  • Capsule Type: Electret Condenser
    USB Connector: B type , Digital audio interface
  • Indicator:
  • USB (Mic OFF)....Green
    Mic ON…………...Red
  • Switch: Push control: ON/OFF
    Sensitivity(at 1000Hz): -53 ± 3 dB * (2.23mV) 0dB = 1V / μbar
    Max. SPL For 1% T.H.D.: 125dB
    Frequency Response: 30~12,000 Hz
    Directional Pattern: Half-Cardioid
    Power consumption: 0.4W
    Dimensions (mm): 73mm(W)* 24mm(H)*110mm(L)
    Weight: 75g
    DAC: 32 , 44.1 , 48KHz
    ADC: 8 , 11.025 , 16 , 22.05 , 32 , 44.1 , 48KHz
    Bit Depth: 16-Bit
    USB Type: USB 1.1 / USB 2.0 / USB3.0
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