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The JBL ICS05M Full-range 5.25-inch Ceiling Speaker. The JBL ICS05M is a full-range, cost-effective 5.25″ ceiling speaker. JBL ICS05M offers excellent performance in an easy-to-install package. The High sensitivity driver delivers maximum sound level even at low tap settings. The ICS05M is a 5.25″ speaker with a contemporary grill design & great bass extension.

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The BL ICS05M speaker’s pre-attached dual-voltage transformer provides versatility by allowing use on 100V or 70V distributed loudspeaker lines. For installation convenience, the speaker grille and transformer are pre-attached to the driver.

Technical Specification


JBL ICS05 Specifications:
Brand JBL
Model ICS05
Component 133mm (5.25 in) Full Range
Effective Frequency Range (-10dB) 85Hz-20KHz
Sound Pressure Level at rated Power/1W (@1KHz, 1m) 89dB
Nominal Driver Impedance 8 ohms
Driver Maximum Power Capacity 8W
Transformer Taps (100V: 6W, 3W, 1.5W), (70V: 3W, 1.5W, 0.8W)
Ambient Temperature Range -35° to 70°C
Connector 4 Pin Screw type
Colour White
Net Weight 570 g (Per PCS)
Cut-out Dimension 145mm Diameter
Outside Dimensions (Diameter x Depth) 172.5mm Diameter x 67 7mm Depth
Shipping Weight and Dimensions 2.5KG, W 32cm, D 20cm, H 20cm


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