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Hartke Tone in a Portable Amp Head

The TX600 hybrid electric bass amplifier head is Hartke's most portable design. Despite only weighing seven pounds, this compact amp head boasts a Class D power amplifier that pushes out an impressive 600 watts. The TX600 front-panel's features and EQ controls will be familiar to fans of Hartke's designs, and the straightforward nature helps you dial your tone in quickly and easily. You'll also find features such as a compressor, an effects loop, and a Brite switch to further sculpt your ideal bass tone with the TX600.

More Information

Hartke TX600 Electric Bass Guitar Amplifier Head Features:

  • Portable bass amp head with 600 watts of power
  • Class D power section keeps the weight to a manageable 7 lbs.
  • Rugged built-in carrying handle
  • Simple yet powerful Hartke tone stack
  • Tube preamp delivers warm, touch-sensitive tones
  • Single-knob compressor evens out your dynamics
  • Add in your favorite effects through the loop

Technical Specification

Hartke TX600 Bass Amplifier Specifications
  • Rated Output Power: 600 watts @ 4 ohms, 450 watts @ 8 ohms
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz – 40kHz -1dB
  • Preamp: Tube Low Noise 12AX7A High-Mu Twin Triode
  • Active Input: >1MΩ unbalanced, -10dBV, -8dBu
  • Passive Input: >1MΩ unbalanced, -20dBV, -18dBu
  • Compressor Ratio: Fixed 2.1
  • Compressor Threshold: Off to -30dBu Passive Input, Off to -20dBu Active Input
  • Mute: >80dB (100dB typical) at Direct Output & Speaker Output
  • Brite Switch: 10kH, +8dB Gain @ 2 o’clock; +5dB Gain @ min
  • Tone Stack EQ
  • Preamp Output: 100Ω unbalanced 0dBu
  • Power Amp: In 20kΩ balanced, 0dBu for Rated Output Power (+14dBu max input)
  • Direct Output: 125Ω balanced
  • Stereo Aux Input: 3kΩ unbalanced, 10dBV
  • Phones: 80mW max, shuts off Direct Output & Speaker Output
  • Dimensions: 14” x 10.6” x 2.6” / 355mm x 270mm x 66mm
  • Weight: 7 lb / 3.2 kg
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