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The Electro-Voice EVID 3.2 is a great solution for delivering top-notch audio reproduction in shopping malls, sports bars, and health clubs. This compact, full-range install speaker boasts dual 3.5-inch woofers and a vented low-frequency enclosure that yield bass extension down to 85Hz, plus a .75-inch titanium-diaphragm tweeter that offers crisp high-frequency sound and excellent vocal intelligibility. The EVID 3.2’s Coherent Coverage Waveguide exhibits 140-degree x 100-degree coverage, ensuring that everyone in the room hears high-quality sound. Benefit from full-bandwidth overload protection, along with effective magnetic shielding for video applications. We appreciate the EVID 3.2’s Strong-Arm Mount — it makes aiming the speaker a breeze. The E-V EVID 3.2 boasts a weather-resistant ABS enclosure that’s tailor-made for outdoor use, plus a paintable finish for easy blending with any decor.

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Electro-Voice EVID 3.2 Install Speaker Features:
  • 150W, 8-ohm full-range install speaker with compact elliptical enclosure
  • Dual 3.5-inch woofers and vented low-frequency enclosure yield bass extension down to 85Hz
  • .75-inch titanium-diaphragm tweeter offers crisp high-frequency sound and excellent vocal intelligibility
  • Coherent Coverage Waveguide exhibits 140° x 100° coverage
  • Full-bandwidth overload protection safeguards against excessive volume levels
  • Effective magnetic shielding for video applications
  • Strong-Arm Mount for easy, flexible speaker aiming
  • Weather-resistant ABS enclosure is tailor-made for outdoor use
  • Paintable finish for easy blending with any décor
  • Great for shopping malls, sports bars, and health clubs

Technical Specification


System Details AD-P6T
Effective frequency range 2 55 Hz – 20 kHz
Rated noise power / voltage 1 60 watts / 31 volts (rms)
Sensitivity [dB] 3
Sensitivity at 4m, 100V maximum tap
Rated coverage (-6 dB) 4 135° conical DMT™
Directivity factor 4 6.5
Directivity index [dB] 4 8
Maximum continuous SPL [dB] 5 106
Maximum peak SPL [dB] 5 112
Nominal impedance [ohms] 16
Recommended amplifier 120 watts
Transformer taps / impedance 16Ω (in bypass setting)
7.5W (70V); 15W (100V) Tap: 667Ω
15W (70V); 30W (100V) Tap: 333Ω
30W (70V); 60W (100V) Tap: 167Ω
60W (70V); N/A (100V) Tap: 83Ω
LF transducer 165 mm [6.5-inch] weather treated paper cone woofer
HF transducer 19 mm [0.75-inch] aluminum dome tweeter
Input connector type Euroblock connector with parallel output
Enclosure material Impact Resistant ABS
Grille material Powder coated steel
Ingress protection IP-34
Operating environment Designed for indoor use
Operating temperature range -20 to 50° C [-4 to 122° F]
Net weight 4.1 kg [9 lb]
Product dimensions (Diameter x Height) Ø 287 x 323 mm [Ø 11.3 x 12.7-inch]


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