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UFX12 is a professional compact mixer to give you great quality and better reliability than ever before. You will get smooth, accurate more natural and open sound from this apparatus. It is ideal for gigs, recording and fixed PA installations. The UFX12 Mixing Console is packed with features that cannot be found in other consoles of its size: 4 mono (provided with ultra low noise microphone pre amplifiers and Phantom Power at +48 Volt ) and 4 stereo input channels and each of them is provided with a 3-band equalizer for HI, MID and LOW controls, as well as 2 auxiliary control; highly accurate 12- segment bar graph meters and 2-track inputs assignable to main mix, control room/phones Outputs.

More Information

  • Ultra-low noise discrete MIC Preamps with +48V Phantom Power
  • 4 MIC Input Channels with XLRs and balanced Line Inputs
  • 4 Compressors control and 4 Insert I/O
  • Low Cut for each MIC Input
  • 3-band EQ & Peak LEDs on each MIC channel
  • 2-band EQ and Peak LEDs on Stereo channels
  • Mute and PFL function for each channel
  • Smooth 60mm Faders for level control
  • 2-Track Input assignable to Main Mix or Control Room / Headphone Outputs
  • Balanced XLR & TRS outputs for Main Mix
  • Built in 24-bit DSP effect with 100 presets
  • Assembled MP3 player
  • Internal switch-mode power supply for maximum flexibility 100-240V

Technical Specification

  • Mono Channels  
  • Microphone Input  XLR with balanced  
  • Frequency Response  10Hz to 55KHz,+/-3dB  
  • Distortion(THD+N)  <0.03% at +0dB, 22Hz~22KHz A-weighted  
  • Gain Range  0dB to 50dB  
  • Max Input  +15dB  
  • LOW CUT  75Hz  
  • SNR  <-100dBr A-weighted  
  • Phantom Power  +48V with switch control  
  • Line Input  1/4' TRS with balanced  
  • Sensitivity Range  +15dB~ -35dB  
  • COMPRESSOR  GAIN: 0~9dB  THRESHOLD: 20dB---> ↓5dBStereo Input Channels  
  • Mic Input  XLR with balanced  
  • LOW CUT  75Hz  
  • Line Input  1/4' TRS or TRS/RCA with un-balanced  
  • Frequency Response  10Hz to 55KHz, +/-3dB  
  • Distortion(THD+N)  <0.03% at +0dB, 22Hz~22KHz A-weighted  
  • Sensitivity Range  -20dBu~ +20dBu  
  • SNR  <-100dBr A-weightedChannels EQ  
  • High  +/-15dB@12KHz  
  • Mid  +/-15dB@2.5KHz  
  • Low  +/-15dB@80Hz2-TACK IN  
  • TAPE IN  RCA jack  
  • Frequency Response  10Hz to 55KHz, +/-3dB  
  • Distortion(THD+N)  <0.03% at +0dB, 22Hz~22KHz A-weighted  
  • Gain Range  OFF to 15dB
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