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The Digi24 is a 24 channel digital mixer for live applications and fixed installations with very powerful signal processing. The 8 AUX bus architecture offers flexibility for monitoring or effects send and it is equipped with large motorized faders showing instantly the level of signal or parameters to be edited.
The 7" touch screen helps to visualize and edit the parameters very quickly. The mixer features other extended possibilities to communicate with external equipment like an optional Dante card for audio transport or a 32 track USB interface for recording.
A powerful DSP offers functions like Noise/Gate, Compressor/Limiter, Parametric/Graphic EQ, PAN, Phase Reverse, Time Delay, plus a large choice of high quality digital effects.

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  • 24 Mics/Line Inputs
  • 8 Aux Sends
  • 2 Internal FX
  • 13 x 100mm Motorized Faders
  • 7" Color LCD Touch Screen
  • Ethernet/USB Remote Control
  • 12 Smart DCAs
  • Multi-track USB Recording/Dante Module
  • Digital Inserts for External Plug-ins
  • App for Wireless Control

Technical Specification

  Microphone Input   Electronically balanced
  Frequency Response   20Hz to 20KHz at +/-1.5dB
  Distortion(THD+N)   <0.01% at 0dBu 1KHz
  Gain   0dBu~50dBu
  Max Input   +20dBu
  SNR   107dBu
  Phantom Power   +48VDC
  Line Inputs   Electronically balanced
  Frequency Response   20Hz to 20KHz at +/-1.5dB
  Distortion(THD+N)   <0.01% at 0dBu 1KHz
  Gain   -15dBu~+35dBu
  Max Input   +20dBu
  Main/Aux1-8/Control Room/Headphones Outputs
  Max Output   +20dBu
  Threshold Range   -30dBu ~ +20dB
  Attack Time   10ms ~ 150ms
  Release Time   10ms ~ 1s
  Ratio   1:1 to 10:1
  Gain   0dBu - +24dB
  High, High-Mid,Low-Mid, Low   21Hz~19.2KHz +/-24dB
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