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Powerful Loudspeaker Management

The Behringer Ultra-Drive Pro DCX2496 is your workhorse tool for the exacting set-up of multiple loudspeaker systems or arrays. The DCX2496 gives you superb AKM 24-bit/96kHz digital converters for exceptional signal integrity and a robust dynamic range of 113dB. You also get four different mono and stereo output operating modes, your choice of Butterworth, Bessel and Linkwitz-Riley filters, adjustable delays for all inputs and outputs, limiters across all output channels, and a potpourri of EQ options. If you’ve got a passel of loudspeakers to manage, you need Behringer’s Ultra-Drive Pro DCX2496.

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Behringer Ultra-Drive Pro DCX2496 Features:

  • 3 analog inputs (one suitable as digital stereo AES/EBU input) and 6 analog outputs for maximum flexibility
  • 24-bit/96kHz A/D and D/A converters for ultimate signal integrity and wide dynamic range (113dB)
  • Integrated sample rate converter for easy connection of external digital signals
  • Dynamic EQs for level-dependent equalization and highly musical Parametric EQs, selectable for all ins and outs
  • Multiple EQ types (LP/BP/HP) for each input and output
  • “Zero-attack” limiters on all output channels for optimal speaker protection
  • Four different mono and stereo output operating modes
  • Individual crossover filter types (Butterworth, Bessel and Linkwitz-Riley) with selectable roll-off characteristics
  • Adjustable Delays for all inputs and outputs
  • Additional Sum signal derived from the A/B/C inputs offers a fourth internal input signal
  • Free Ultradrive Pro software enables total control via PC through RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces
  • Link option via RS-485 network interface enables cascading of several Ultradrive Pros
  • 60 user-defined internal presets storable via PC software or on PCMCIA card
  • Servo-balanced, gold-plated XLR connectors for all inputs and outputs
  • Internal switch-mode power supply for 100-240V flexibility, superior audio performance, and energy efficiency
  • High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life

Manage your loudspeakers with the Behringer Ultra-Drive Pro DCX2496!

Technical Specification

Tech Specs
  • Number of Channels:6
  • Presets – User:60
  • EQ:Dynamic, Parametric
  • Analog Inputs:3 x XLR
  • Analog Outputs:6 x XLR
  • Rack Spaces:1U
  • Height:1.75″
  • Depth:8.5″
  • Width:19″
  • Weight:6.61 lbs.
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