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HITUNE weather and Dust resistant sound columns with well defined sound beaming pattern are ideally suited for:

  1. Auditorium sound system to reduce unwanted reflections and acoustic feed-back.
  2. Offer improved speech clarity even under difficult acoustic conditions. 


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  • 1.5 x 2 core Cable is our Installation range of Speaker Cables.
  • These Vasiform Series Installation Speaker Cables are specifically designed to deliver maximum performance without taking much space in conduit.
  • They offer true audiophile performance for accurate sound transmission with crystal clear response, yet posses a rugged design to cater to most demanding applications.


  • Each conductor is dipped in a tinned bath to make the ATC conductors and is bunched tightly to give the best performance.
  • Twisted cores help in rejecting crosstalk.
  • Cable Ruggedness & toughness helps the cable to be pulled in long runs of conduits.


  • Installation of Speaker signals in Auditoriums, Schools, Shopping Malls etc.


  • 100 Meters Coil
  • 300 Meters Coil

Technical Specification


Model Number PA COLUMN/TOWER SPEAKER HSC-18/18T For hotal, hospital, college, school, room, cinema theater, office, mall ect.wall speaker
Type PA Speaker
Bluetooth No
Configuration 2.2
Power Output (RMS) 90 W
Color White
Product Details
Configuration 2.2 Channel
Width 15 cm
Height 25 cm
Depth 14 cm
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