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18 Sound 18TLW3000 18” Dual Voice Coil Woofer

18 Sound 18TLW3000 18” Dual Voice Coil Woofer

The 18TLW3000 is an 18 inch diameter high performance subwoofer, specifically designed for high SPL subwoofer applications in either a reflex, bandpass or horn loaded configuration. For optimum results we recommend the usage of power amplifiers able to deliver 3600W program power without clipping
18TLW3000 uses Eighteen Sound proprietary Tetracoil technology, where two different, axially separated magnetic gaps and two inside-outside 4" diameter voice coils are wound on the same former and suspended evenly in the two magnetic gaps.

More Information

  • 4000 W program power handling
  • 100 mm (4 in) Tetracoil dual voice coil, equivalent to a single coil diameter larger than 152 mm (6 in)
  • Ultra linear suspension design for excellent sound clarity and very low distortion
  • Symmetric flux density and inductance behaviour
  • Low noise forced air cooling design
  • Water repellent cone and epoxy coated plates for outdoor use
  • Suitable for vented, horn loaded and bandpass high performance subwoofer design

Technical Specification


Product type Cone driver
Brand Eighteen Sound
Reference 18TLW3000
Product code ALT183000WF04FA - 0221843000
Nominal impedance 4 ohm
Dimensional category 18 inch
Frequency coverage type Sub, Low
Manufacturer sensitivity 94 dB
Calculated sensitivity 94.11 dB
Nominal power handling 1800 W
Max power handling 3600 W
Bandwidth 30÷2000 Hz
Fundamental parameters
Sd 1225 cm²
Mms 280 gr
Cms 90 µm/N
Le 1.2 mH
Re 2.4 ohm
BL 20 T.m
Small signal parameters
Fs 32 Hz
Qes 0.36
Qms 13.8
Qts 0.35
Vas 185 L
Xmax ±12 mm
EBP 89 Hz
Zmin 3 ohm
Fs / Qts 91 Hz
Vas * Qts² 22.67 L
Calculated efficiency 1.62%
Weight ~13.2 kg
Voice coil diameter 4 inch
Outside diameter 462 mm
Baffle cutout diameter 416 mm
Depth 275 mm
Front thickness 24 mm
Depth after front 251 mm
Shape & Materials
Front chape Cylindrical
Magnet type Ferrite



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