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18 Sound 12 NTLW 3500

18 Sound 12 NTLW 3500

The 12NTLW3500 represents the state of the art of 18sound components and technology for highest quality applications.
The dual gap technology comes directly from the Tetracoil motor structure and applies its benefits to a wider frequency band, making the 12NTLW3500 capable of working perfectly both as a woofer and as a midbass.

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Optimized thermal conductivity allows great power handling (up to 1800 watts), the extremely balanced Bl shape together with the ultra linear suspension, maximizes Spl keeping the lowest intermodulation distortion in the market, giving the 12NTLW3500 the amazing capability of reproducing a deep and full low end, together with perfect clarity mids.
This unique features, together with the very low weight (only 4.7 Kg) makes the 12NTLW3500 the perfect component for highest quality line arrays and two ways systems.

Technical Specification

  • Nominal Diameter- 300mm (12 in)
  • Rated Impedance- 8 OhmAES
  • Power- 900W
  • Program Power- 1800W
  • Sensitivity- 96dB
  • Frequency Range- 48 - 3200 Hz
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