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18 Sound 10 NTLW 2000

18 Sound 10 NTLW 2000

The 10NTLW2000 represents the latest 18sound technology for high quality, low distortion applications. The Dual gap technology maximize benefits in terms of thermal dissipation and Bl symmetry, making the 10NTLW2000 the perfect midbass for high quality professional systems.

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Dual gap motors linearize inductance and the perfect balance we reached between the motor and the ultra linear suspension allows both very high excursion and extreme precision in the mid band with the lowest intermodulation distortion in the professional market.
This features, together with its extreme low weight make the 10NTLW2000 the perfect component for highest quality line arrays and two way systems, thanks also to its 600 watts power handling capabilities. 

Technical Specification

  • 95 dB SPL 1W / 1m average sensitivity
  • 51 mm (2 in) CCAW Voice coil
  • 350 W AES power handling
  • Extremely balanced BL shape for max SPL
  • Optimized thermal conductivity
  • Tetracoil technology
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