E 825---Sennheiser E 825 S General Cardioid Microphone Ideal For Vocal


More Info E 825—Sennheiser E 825 S


The Sennheiser e 825-S lets you experience the difference a German-made vocal mic can make. With the e 825-S microphone’s smooth sound, startling clarity and extended high-frequency response, your vocals will take on a new attitude! The cardioid pickup pattern provides excellent feedback and spillage rejection, while the rugged metal construction and internal damping isolates handling noise. Complete with silent on/off switch, the e 825-S is ideal for general vocal and instrument miking and club PA.

Key Features

  • Metal construction – rugged and reliable
  • Shock-mounted capsule – low sensitivity to impact and handling noise
  • Hum compensating coil – reduces electrical interference
  • Balanced frequency response
  • Neodynum ferrous magnet with boron – keeps mic stable regardless of climate
  • Falcon ring – consistent sound over time
  • Silent on/off switch (reed switch) can be locked in the ‘on’ position if required



Ø 48 x 180 mm


Without cable: 330 g

Nominal impedance

350 Ohm



Sensitivity in free field, no load (1kHz)

1,5 mV/Pa

Min. terminating impedance

1000 Ohm

Frequency response (Microphone)

80…..15000 Hz

*All specifications are subject to change without notice.