People keep on asking us, who is NARAIN. Shri Naraindas R Motwani was our late dad who started the brand Narain, way back in 1958, he was a real gutsy guy, who against all odds, succeeded like no other. In 1947 when he was only 16 years old, catastrophe struck with Partition, and he had to flee from Sindh, a province now in Pakistan and landed in Bombay now Mumbai with no money in his pocket and a lot of panache. He obviously had no means of earning, lived in Kalyan (a very distant suburb of Mumbai) in a tiny 200 sq feet hovel with his brood of 9 relatives (younger brothers and sisters as well). He was the sole bread earner for the family and had no qualms of working as a manual laborer, though his forefathers had been rich in Sindh and had led a lavish lifestyle. This go-getter attitude reflects in his sons, Mohan Motwani (Head Honcho), Rajesh Motwani (HR & Purchase) & Manoj Motwani (Marketing). The 3 brothers with their innovative and new ideas many a times changed the mindset of the customers in the Indian market place . Our overall philosophy is to pretty much ignore what’s happened in the past, and get the absolute best products we can possibly offer at a reasonable price. We don’t bind ourselves with preconceived notions that the industry has placed on certain products, but rather look at what the end user is really trying to accomplish and needs. And how do we best provide a product which can accomplish that goal? One thing we’ve found time and time again is that audio quality is rarely a function of cost, it’s more a function of attention to detail and the willingness to take that extra path in the development phase.IT ALL STARTED WAY BACK IN 1958 IT ALL STARTED WAYBACK IN 1958….In a tiny little shop on Proctor Road, a sleepy little street behind Mumbai’s Lamington Road by our father in 1958 and its Audio/P.A division in 1965. As you can see we have been in Audio for a long, long time and have done everything in this field from PA, DJ,Studio, Pro Audio, Live, Commercial sound , Installations and more. We also have had lots of experience in Retail, Installations and of course in Marketing.SO WHO’S WE ? At this point, let us mention why we keep using “We” all the time. Partly its because, Narain brochures are not written by some insincere outside Ad agency, these editions of heavy literature are created right here at Narain and hundreds of man-hours of sheer hard work goes into them. We have a full fledge in-house set-up, wherein we do everything, right from creating these color flooded catalogues and brochures, Advertising to our extensive Website. Even the project drawings that come out from Narain, are done right in the office itself so, “We” comes naturally, because all the words are written by us.1st……WE ARE A LEAN COMPANY Narain has a young and enthusiastic team, everyone does two or maybe even 3 jobs. We enjoy great economies of scale due to good volumes and consolidation, our expenses are low, due to all these savings, we can pass the benefit on to you in terms of very good pricing and value for money products 2nd…..WE ARE GOOD AT WHAT WE DO We know we are blowing our own horn, but Narain has one of the highest success rates of with introduction of new products in the industry. Obviously we cannot be right every time, but our batting average is better than most. We have a state-of-the-art Demo room where you can hear the throbbing beat of drums or the finer nuances of a sitar. See the DJ lighting gear in a atmosphere resembling a discotheque, Lounge bar with fog in the air and dimmed ambient lighting.