B&C DE160 1.0 inches HF Drivers

B&C DE160 1.0 inches HF Drivers

B&C Speakers has been one of the foremost leaders in the compression driver technology over the last 30 years. Our reliability and performance is second to none in the pro sound industry. We continue to work with various materials to further improve the performance of our HF devices. Through our modeling programs we are able to analyze every aspect of the driver and study the key components and the impact of each design.


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We realized 3 different diaphragm materials Mylar, Pure Titanium and Polyimide.

Each material has its own unique benefits and qualities. The Mylar allows for an exceptional smooth transient response. The pure Titanium is superb power handling and excellent reliability in the field. The Polyimide achieves very high power handling and sensitivity levels and creates a smooth top end response.

Other features in our compression drivers are copper shorting rings, flat edge wound aluminum voice coil wire, neodymium magnets and ceramic magnets. In addition, we have developed our first 4″ diaphgram HF driver.



  • 80 W continuous program power capacity
  • 1″ horn throat diameter
  • 44 mm (1.7 in) aluminium voice coil
  • Mylar diaphragm
  • 1500 – 18000 Hz response
  • 107 dB sensitivity
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