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    Wharfedale Pro Delta F18B

    Our passive, single 18″ folded horn subwoofer delivering a massive 141dB (max SPL) .

    Delta F18B is supplied with castors so is a surprisingly portable and easily moveable enclosure. Where significant extension of low frequency output of a sound system is required over middle-long distances the addition of one or more Delta F18B subwoofers will provide high output low frequency enhancement to the overall sound system.

    The folded horn design enables the Delta F18B to deliver ground shaking low frequencies over long distances (Unlike direct radiating designs which provide near to middle distance sound).
    The Delta F18B is designed to work with an external, active crossover unit.

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    Wharfedale Pro Delta 218B

    Delta 215 is a Quasi 3-way passive pa speaker, the largest in the series. Featuring a 2” titanium voice coil combined with a 2 x 15” low distortion cast frame woofers, the loudspeaker generates 1000 watts RMS of power spanning a full range sound of 45Hz – 20kHz while the 90 x 60 waveguides ensure a long-throw projection.

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    Wharfedale Pro Delta 18B

    The largest 1 driver sub in the Delta Series, the Delta 18b is a high quality, road-ready with a high output. Featuring an 18” low distortion cast frame woofer, the loudspeaker generates 700 watts RMS of power spanning a substantially low end of 42 – 150Hz (non bi-amped) suitable for the most demanding genres and applications.